Hollow Sounds Recording and Mixing Studio

Hollow Sounds Recording and Mixing Studio is located in the heart of Central Illinois, in the shade of the State Capitol. Built in 2016, it is the brainchild of Owner and Lead Audio Engineer Chris W. It was constructed to accomodate full bands and solo musicians alike who cannot afford the prices of the larger, more corporate studios, but want that professional, polished sound.

Hollow Sounds is a two room studio, consisting of a Control Room and an airlocked live room for sound control. The Control and Live Rooms were built with good acoustics in mind, to help make your tracks sound beautiful and polished.


At Hollow Sounds, we only use professional quality equipment, to help make your drums, guitars, or vocals POP! We are set up to run 16 simultaneous channels to easily accomodate a full four piece band playing at one time.

Along with professional recording equipment, we also have professinal guitars, amps, pedals, drums and all other sorts of various instruments that can be used if needed.

Contact us for any other questions you may have!